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Dental Phobic- Rodney Dental Practice are Amazing!

A terrible school dentist left an entire school traumatized and I had an extreme fear of the dentist as a result. I have been a patient of Rodney Dental Practice for many years and each dentist I have seen has been completely understanding about my phobia ( this isn’t a case of just “not liking” the dentist. I have physical symptoms of shock ( trembling; increased heart rate; sleeplessness; physical sickness…). All the staff at the surgery are aware of this and I am consistently treated with dignity, respect and patience. The receptionists always ensure that I am being looked after, and the dental professionals- well words can’t really express my gratitude for how well they deal with me, my phobia and my dental needs.

My current dentist and their assistant are both wonderful. I am always in complete control. My appointments are never hurried… we go at “my pace” and I can stop and start treatment on request. Everything is explained clearly and simply and both are extremely supportive whilst I am” in the chair”.

Quite simply anyone who is registered at this dental practice is very fortunate indeed. The questionnaire only allowed a five star rating of ” Very Satisfied”. If I could I would have given ten stars and “exceptional” against every question. The Rodney Dental Practice should be commended for showing exactly what real professionalism is.. from the admin and support staff through to the medical practitioners. they are “simply the best”.

Visited in May 2014. Posted on 16 May 2014 by Nichola Vaughan.


Had a lovely time

The reception staff are really friendly which is a pleasant surprise from many other health facilities. The Nurse and the Dentist make a lovely team and I felt at ease having my exam (which was thorough). All in all a happy experience!

I sadly need treatment, but the receptionist provide a treatment plan with the number of appointments needed and the cost.

They are rather busy at the moment ( Christmas, I expect) but have been put on a cancellation list just in case for an appointment sooner.

Visited in December 2013. Posted on 06 December 2013


The best

My family have used this dentist for many years and the service is the best, use the private service.

 M Stoate visited in November 2013. Posted on 15 January 2014



Usually I hate going to the dentist and I am scared of having injections and was when I came, however when I entered I was warmly welcomed and was taken into the dentists room, usually I don’t have anaesthetic for injections however I was given it and was taken through what was happening and was eased, i felt no pain and wasn’t scared anymore as they were so reassuring.

Mary visited in September 2013. Posted on 26 September 2013


My lovely Dental Visit

I had not been to see a Dentist for a few years and was dreading it. I was delighted to find the practice was clean and fresh and airy. The Staff & Dentist were extremely helpful in providing lots of information to help me understand what dental treatment I required. I would happily recommend this practice and the dentist to anyone.

Lee Vincent visited in April 2013. Posted on 13 May 2013


Always pleased with the quality of dentistry

My husband and I have been with this dentist for many years as private patients and we have always found the quality of dental care to be excellent. For my part I am a very nervous patient but the dentist is very good at putting me at ease, and explaining treatment. The dental nurses and reception staff are always courteous and friendly and the reception waiting room is spacious with comfortable chairs, and quiet relaxing background music. Everything is spotlessly clean ( including toilets ). The prices are fair and reasonable. We choose to travel 15 miles to this practice because of the dentist’s excellent care and dentistry skills.

Mrs F Visited in February 2013. Posted on 01 March 2013


As enjoyable as a trip to the dentist can be, all credit to the staff.

What I liked

I have always avoided the dentist wherever possible, which is perhaps why my teeth are in such a bad way!! However, having visited this practice for a couple of appointments (more to follow) , I can honestly say that the whole experience was as pleasant as it possibly could be.

The reception staff are exceptionally friendly and welcoming, and both the dentist and assistant put me at ease during the procedure, keeping me informed throughout of what was happening and what to expect.

It seems strange to say I enjoyed my visit, but it was certainly as pleasant an experience as it possibly could have been, and I would recommend this Practice fully and without reservation.

What could have been improved

Nothing – only my teeth.

 Blue1982 Visited in October 2012. Posted on 16 October 2012






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