Replace your teeth


Missing, extracted, heavily broken, excessively worn teeth ?

Our dentist will discuss with you the treatment plan that would be suitable for your dental requirements.





ceramic zirconia bridgeDental Bridges involve using the tooth/teeth next to a gap in order to replace the lost tooth.There are various types of design of dental bridgework that can be placed.

A Resin Bonded Bridge is the least destructive of all the designs and involves minimal removal of tooth structure. They tend to be reserved for replacing teeth at the front either on a temporary basis prior to restoration of implants or on a permanent basis.

Fixed bridges are much more destructive to the teeth but are much more likely to stay in place. The problem with reducing the size of the teeth is that it may result in root canal treatment  in these teeth at some stage in the future.

Bridgework can either have a metal substructure with porcelain on top or all ceramic such as the Lava Zirconia bridges. All ceramic bridges are now stronger than they ever used to be and a fantastic cosmetic result can be achieved.



One of the options for replacing missing teeth is providing our customers with complete or partial dentures. This is often done when multiple teeth are missing.

Premium quality cosmetic dentures install confidence and provide optimum function while eating, speaking and laughing.

The dentures that we construct are three main types. Acrylic, Cobalt Chrome and Valplast dentures.



  • Retention – It flexes into a retentive positionvalplast flexible denture

  • Comfort – Thin, lightweight and flexible

  • Aesthetics – Pink shades that allow patient’s natural gum show through the nylon material.

  • Strength – Clinically unbreakable, more durable than acrylic and won’t absorb stains or odors.

  • Ease – No tooth or tissue preparation is required so you can offer patients a conservative and pain free solution.





Dental implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth. they are durable, long lasting and made to appear as if they emerge naturally from the gum. Implants have the longest life and best success rate of any dental treatment.

They are permanent therefore do not need to be removed at night or to be cleaned. They are less invasive than other methods of replacing missing teeth such as bridges as healthy adjacent teeth do not require preparation.

A dental implant consists mainly of two parts, the post acting as the root of the tooth and the crown. The implant ‘post’ is made of titanium which takes 3-6 months to osseointegrate to the surrounding bone. Temporary bridges or dentures can be used until the bone osseointegrates for aesthetic and functional purposes. the crown is then attached to the post.

Should you need to replace a tooth we will discuss the full range of options with you as well as explain the treatment and what it involves. An experience surgeon will place the implant which will then be restored accordingly.Dental implants can replace a single tooth, several teeth or complete dentures.

For further information call our team on 01242 522616 . We will be happy to help.

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