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Here at the Rodney Dental practice we provide emergency dental care for customers that are already registered with the practice. The practice is opened 5 days a week and we can usually accommodate our customers who are in pain on the same day or within a 24 hour window.

The out of hours contact number can be found by phoning the practice on 01242 522616. We are part of an emergency rota with other Gloucestershire practices and the number will be given on the answering machine message.



Root canal treatment is needed when the pulp chamber of the tooth becomes affected by decay or trauma. In these situations, tooth can become infected and leading to inflammation and pain.

Root canal treatment aims to remove all infection and debris from an infected tooth. It is skilled and time consuming procedure that usually requires two or more visits.

Our dentist offer root canal treatment using the latest techniques. We use the Profile rotary system and System B warm obturation technique.

Sometimes some teeth may have complicated root canal systems and the dentist may feel it is necessary to refer to an endodontic specialist.



We offer some minor oral surgery procedures such as soft tissue surgical removal of teeth. Our dentist will explain the procedure and give you pre and post operative instructions.

More complicated surgical procedures will be discussed and referred to a specialist oral surgeon.



Bite splints are called POC appliances. Demanding busy lives and stress from work canbite splint impact on our teeth, causing tooth wear and sometimes discomfort.

We are familiar with the signs and make a bite splint for people who suffer with grinding or clenching of their teeth.

If you are concerned that you may be suffering with any of these symptoms, a bite splint will help. Worn overnight, the bite guard will protect your teeth.



sports mouthguardThe sports mouthguards we provide are custom made for adults and children. They come in a range of colours, personalized with your name. They are recommended by schools and sports clubs and protect your teeth in situations of contact or non- contact sport. They act as a crash helmet for your teeth.


For any further information please contact out team on 01242 522616 we will be happy to help

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