Here at The Rodney Dental Practice our hygiene team plays a key role in helping you to maintain a healthy mouth, avoiding problems that damage both your teeth and gums. Our hygienists will tailor care to suit your individual needs.

Dental problems are almost entirely preventable. Bacterial plaque is the cause of most of the problems we experience such as bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease.

There is also a proven link between oral health and general health. Poor oral and gum health can be an indicator of poor heart health and we work with you to prolong the life expectancy of your natural teeth though healthy teeth and gums, which in turn will lead to longer term good health.

We provide three types of hygiene appointments using the latest ultrasonic scalers. Our hygienist will recommend which is suited to your specific needs.

The hygienist will carry out a Periodontal Screen to check the health of your gums. Your teeth will then be thoroughly cleaned, removing plaque, tartar and stains, and leaving your mouth feeling really fresh and clean.

Advice will be given on a maintenance plan at home and specific products will be recommended to use, tailored to your individual needs if necessary.

Express- This appointment is suited for individuals that have good oral hygiene with minimal deposits of plaque, tartar and stains. A cleaning session concentrating above the gum line (supragingival) is normally carried out followed by polishing.

Standard- At this appointment our hygienist carries out a thorough scale and polish concentrating on areas above (supragingival) and below (subgingival) the gum level, finishing with a polish. Suited for individuals with heavier plaque, tartar and stain deposits.

Extensive- Individuals that are prone to gum disease require extensive scaling treatment with a combination of electric scalers and hand instruments concentrating in the deepest areas below the gum margin. Individuals with heavy staining due to smoking and tartar deposits would be recommended this treatment.

For further details or to book an appointment please contact us on 01242 522616.

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