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cyclingEnvironmental Policy and Statement

At the Rodney Dental Practice we recognise that we have a duty to care for the environment and green our practice.

Environmental statement- At the practice we care about people’s safety and the safety of our planet, we are committed to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint by any safe means. ” Being Green is Being Clean”.

Water Systems- Quality Systems & Equipment are in place to ensure we avoid contaminating the water systems by treatments undertaken at this practice.

Cross Infection- Protecting our patients and stakeholders is of utmost importance so we will continue to use single use products and follow the industry’s standards.

Cleaning Products- The cleaning chemicals used for environmental cleaning have been limited to a safe effective product that has been selected to cause the least harm. The practice uses a professional service to ensure effective results.

Postage Savings- The practice uses electronic systems where possible to contact patents, therefore avoiding postage and paper waste.

General Recycling & Reusing- We endeavour to recycle as many products as possible to limit our waste to landfill. We try to re-use materials such as stationary waste, and do not replace items just for the sake of it.

Clinical Waste- The practice follows the industry standards in this respect but always considers carefully ways of limiting waste.

Renewable Sources- Materials such as paper towels are being sourced from companies who use renewable materials.

Environmental Temperature Control- The practice has two heating/cooling systems that maximise temperature control; these can be effectively used for both hot and cold climes.The practice aims to keep the temperature regulated at 18c.

Electrical Output- All lights are switched off when not in use, other electrical equipment items are also shut down for safety and environmental impact.

Transport- We encourage the use of CO2 free travel such as cycling. Staff can limit their CO2 by shopping at lunchtime as we are based in the centre of town.

Radiography Processing- Digital systems are used at the practice, which significantly reduces many types of waste including hazardous waste.

Benefits of Greening Environments:

  • Economics- being thrifty saves money

  • Reducing CO2- the main cause of global warming

  • Complies with EU recommendations on the environment

  • Avoids unnecessary waste and storage

  • Demonstrates an ethical and caring approach

  • Improves the health & well-being of the people

Please help us be greener by suggesting new ideas.



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