Data Protection


We offer our patients a high standard of dental care and safety in this practice, in order to do this, we need to hold certain personal information about you. Information is only shared on a need- to- know- basis with your consent. The Rodney Dental Practice complies with the 1989 data protection act, 2000 medical records act & new general data protection act 2018 (GDPR).


What information do we hold on record?

Name & Address, date of birth, contact numbers, emergency contacts & email addresses
Medical History – current, historical including any prescribed drugs or aids/support required
Dental Records, current & historical including contemporaneous notes
Radiographs – dental x-rays current and historical where applied for
Correspondence relating to you from hospitals or other health bodies
Letters we have sent you relating to your treatment or payments
Contractual agreements either with us or another clinical body
Payment plans such a Simply Health formerly Denplan
General notes on your preferences & comfort

Who do we share this information with?

The Rodney Dental Practice team involved with your treatment or advice
Referrals to our clinical partners, hospitals, orthodontist, specialist’s dental services & GP’s
CQC, NHS or legal entity you have consented to share e.g. insurance protection
Laboratories – normally limited to your name & applicable treatment
Relatives that you have consented to contact ie for appointment making/changing
Advocates, guardians & parents where age and consent has been determined
HMRC and benefits agencies
Private health Schemes

We do not share information for marketing purposes excluding plan patients who have previously consented via their plans

Security & how your personal information is kept secure:

The practice has strict & multiple security measures
The building is secured & alarmed
Additional internal security measures are in place
Electronic information is protected
Files are kept away from public & secured
The practice does not use unsafe multimedia resources to promote itself or services
The website is disconnected from site
Any information not required is disposed or deleted safely

Consent & withdrawal of consent

You can withdraw your consent to sharing information at any time, but this may prevent you from being treated at this practice
We will make records of your consent to share information


Request such a copy of a document may take up to month to supply and is free. You will need to verify your ID such as a passport & have the correct paperwork and permissions if you are a guardian or advocate. We may refuse a request where it is exempt or found not in the best interest of the patient. Excessive or unfounded information requested will incur a reasonable charge. You must make a formal written request to your Dentist.


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