Data Protection

Data Protection at the Rodney Dental Practice for patients

This practice complies with the 1989 Data Protection Act and 2000 Medical Records Act. In order to provide you with a high standard of dental care and attention we need to hold personal information about you.

What information date to we hold?

  • Personal details – name, address, dob, contact numbers & emergency contacts

  • Dental records – past and current conditions and contemporary notes

  • Medical records – general health past/present & prescribed drugs

  • Radiographs, study models and photographs if required.

  • Correspondence relating to you with other health professionals eg. hospitals

  • Administration/Management including sighned contracts & agreements.

Why do we hold this information on you?

We need to keep accurate and up to date information on you to provide the best care.

Records are retained up to 11 years after you leave the practice and up to the age of 25 for children whichever is longer.

SecurityElectronic information is backed up regularly and locked down after sessions. Any paper records are stored away from the public in a locked facility. only authorised staff may access your records.

Disclosure Is strictly on a need to know basis and we will inform you where possible. In order to provide safe and proper care we may disclose information to the following bodies:

  • Your general medical practitioner, hospital or community health services

  • NHS health authorities and other health professionals caring for you

  • The inland revenue and benefits agency

  • Private health/dental schemes.

AccessIt may take up to 40 days of receipt of request & fee to provide you with a copy of a document/record. A request must be made in writing and a fee of £10.00 may be requested for electronic information and up to £50.00 for paper information. If you need help with your records such as explanation, this is strictly by appointment and a request may need to be written where advised by our staff. You will need proof of identity eg. passport.

If you do not agree with this code of practice – You may discuss this with the dentist/manager , but this may affect our ability to provide you with dental care.


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